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Hi friends,

Welcome to Projek Dorcas site and thank you for dropping by.
As you ‘tour’ around , do stop to look at each handmade item in our projects.  Do you fancy any pretty earrings or necklace as gifts for friends or loved ones ? Some of these items showcased like the ear rings are made by the residents of Rainbow Hope (formerly known as Rainbow Womens Home) while some other stuffs are personally crafted by me in my humble abode (where adventures take place in a tiny room with the head, hands and heart  at work).

Some days if I am not teaching (to school youths), cleaning, cooking , blogging or busy about church work, I will be found doing some type of handiwork, sewing or stitching (well, it’s therapeutic at times doing those stuffs as it takes away stress!). I remember my very first project in sewing was – when as a little girl, my late mother taught me to tread (with my two little feet ) on her old Singer treadle sewing machine to sew some straight stitches. I struggled to keep a piece of fabric and stitch ‘straight’ and accidentally, the needle pricked right through the side of my left thumb! 😦 And that was my first little adventure in sewing. If my mother would be around today,  she’d be really proud to see  the stuffs I made. She was my great inspiration.
Thank you, Mom !  🙂

Well, it’s nice to have some sewing khaki (friends) to share resources and inspirations – I had recently found one or two.  🙂

I have selected some favorite fabrics to make those items you see. They are either Japanese cotton or the local batik fabric. Do  check them out….and don’t forget to come back again to check on more updates and see what’s new in projek Dorcas, ok?  It’s my desire to share with you my passion of DIY and handmades. If you like a chat, or have any question about the items or orders, do not hesitate to contact me. Check out our Facebook too – we will love to connect with you.  🙂 🙂

Thank you once again and have a pleasant day!
~ Khim ~

in aid of RAINBOW HOPE

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